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I had a wonderful birth experience and I can truly say that it was because of Rosina being there to hold my hand and help me through it. My first birth 3 years ago resulted in a cesarean section due to my daughter being wedged under my ribs. I never really got to experience natural labour and birth. .. so while pregnant with my son I was extremely nervous as I had no idea what to expect nor know how things would go. I went into early stages of labour in the early hours of the night. Rosina was only a text away..she helped reassure me and decide when was best to go in. Seeing we have a 2.5 yr old sleeping at the time, rosina was wonderful enough to pick me up from my house around 3am to go to the hospital... allowing my husband to stay home with our daughter and attempt to rest before baby arrived. I had about 14 hours of labour. .. 4 of which were active and intense as I did it without any pain killers. Having Rosina there to help me breathe through each contraction as well as a hand to squeeze or a shoulder to lean on....helped perfusely. She helped a ton by suggesting ways to get baby to drop into place even though I didn’t always feel like doing them. Lol. I rocked my vbac with 20 minutes of pushing and my gorgeous son Grayson Matthew Cain is the most amazing little man. I don’t think my labour and delivery could have been better. I wouldn’t want to do it again without a doula and highly recommend Rosina to be the one. We rocked my vbac :-)
— 2nd time mom
having Rosina for my doula was a unique exsperiance. i have never had a doula before. i didnt even know what they did. for all of my other kids i had my husband and my best friend with me when i was in labor. we moved to alberta and i couldnt have my best friend. she was still in ontario. Rosina contacted me and told me what a doula does. she offered to be there for me when i was having my 4th child. she let me know how things work and what to exspect in this new provence for the birth of my baby. she was very knowledgeable about how the hospital would work and what drugs they would offer me. she introduced me to some unique things that i never even heard of, such as placenta encapsulation. during the birth of my baby Rosina kept me company and kept me focused on controling my contractions. she didnt judge me when i changed my mind about wanting the epidural although i didnt end up needing it. she stayed with me for a bit even after the baby was born then checked on me a few days later to see how we were. she answered all of my questions. i think she is an amazing person who took time away from her own children to help me bring mine into the world. i would suggest to anyone having a baby to get a doula. thanks Rosina!!!
— 4th time mom
Rosina was our doula for my third baby. This was my husbands first child and she was able to provide us with the information we both needed to feel ready for delivery. When the day came we faced a delivery that without Rosina would have led to interventions we didn’t want and most likely would have ended in an emergency c-section. Thanks to Rosina’s help we have a happy and healthy baby. Rosina has also been a huge help to us after the birth of our child as well. She has provided us with help and information regarding things like babywearing and cloth diapering. She has even lent us the things we would need to try these both out. Rosina has been there to support us in our breastfeeding journey helping us tackle the many problems we have faced along the way. Without her we likely wouldn’t be nursing today and would not have the happy well adjusted baby we do today. I would highly reccomend her to anybody who is expecting. I look forward to using her services again when we have our next child.
— 3rd time mom
As a new, expectant father I was very excited for the arrival of my son but also very anxious. I felt there was a great deal to learn so I could be a supportive and nurturing husband to my wife but there was so little time to learn. I was very fortunate that my wife stumbled upon our wonderful Doula, Rosina Fortier. Over many educational sessions at our home she acted as our coach and teacher throughout the months leading up to the delivery. She also joined us for the delivery using her expertise and experience to be our support and advocate. The delivery was a difficult one and ran the risk of ending in a C-section or worse. I am convinced that it did not because of Rosina’s intervention. After the delivery she continued to be available for more educational sessions and countless questions by email, phone, text, or Facebook. Today, my wife and I are delighted to have a happy, healthy, and very chubby baby boy in our lives. I can confidently declare that our Doula, Rosina Fortier, played a very critical role in our son’s excellent condition. I would not consider having another child with involving her again.
— 1st time Dad
Rosina being my Doula during labour of my first child was irreplacable. I met her the day before labour started and even though we had just met, I felt so comfortable and at ease that she was there to help us. She did more than just help physically. The calm way she explained what was happening was so stressfree! When I hit active labour I just remember being constantly praised by Rosina and that made me feel so much more confident about what was happening! My husband was also very relieved that I found her to assist us in labour. In took the pressure off him and instead of worrying about me he was able to support me rather than freak out! All in all an amazing experience to have her with us and I highly recommend her. You won’t regret it!
— 1st time mom
Rosina was wonderful Katherine and I found her to be informative and very hands on helpful. She was there when we needed her the most and was able to keep us on the best possible path within our reach. When times were tough during labor she was there to keep us on track, and made sure we knew our options as it was a difficult labor. We found that even after the birth she stayed to settle us in and made herself available to us at all times .she did follow up appts to make sure we were doing ok,we are very thankful and stand by our decision to have a doula.We feel she was the perfect fit for us as a doula if we decide to have more children ,we will be using her services again Katherine and I feel we would recommend Rosina to any family looking for a doula that is exceptional in knowledge and support and feel she is the perfect fit if you are looking for someone dependable kind and non judge mental.
— 2nd time mom

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