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Are Postpartum Doulas just for the first 6 weeks? 

Not at all! While during the first 6 weeks while you are recovering from childbirth is an optimal time to have a postpartum doula, you can access our services anytime during your baby's first year. 

What does a Postpartum Doula do? 

A postpartum doula becomes an integrated member of your household to assist you as you learn about your new baby. They provide emotional support by listening without judgement to your choices, concerns, hopes, fears and everything in between. They do physical support by assisting you and your family with whatever you need during their shift, it could be as simple as you a cup of tea and listening to your birth story, folding a load of laundry, or prepping a meal. It could be more complex like assisting with baby care, looking after your baby so you can have a shower and a nap or doing an overnight shift to assist you and help your baby learn to sleep.  They also provide informational support, your doula is your walking encyclopedia on all things baby, from is this a normal breastfed baby poop to how do I hold a fussy baby to calm them down and everything in between. 

Do Postpartum Doulas follow a specific parenting style? 

No, while we may have our own parenting style for our children, when we arrive at your door it is with an open mind and open heart. We will support you with whatever choices you are making for your baby, and only offer suggestions that differ if you ask for them. 

Is a Postpartum Doula like a Nanny? 

Nannies fill a specific niche role in families by providing childcare. Postpartum doulas have a broader role by providing support and information for parents so that they can find their way. 

My family is coming to visit after my baby comes, do I need a Postpartum Doula? 

Having your family around you for support after your baby arrives can be fantastic. However sometimes family members bring their own opinions or agendas, or sometimes expect new parents to be hosts to them. A postpartum doula comes in with no opinions, no agenda, ready to help where you need help. They will even come while your family is visiting if you wish and take care of some things so that you can focus on your baby and family members. 


Earthsong Doula Services serves Lethbridge, Cardston, Pincher Creek, Taber and the surrounding rural areas.