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Simply supporting you and your family as you journey into parenthood


Serving Southern Alberta (Lethbridge, Pincher Creek, Taber, Raymond, and surrounding areas)

Postpartum Doulas Do THAT!

That thing you do? What's that? 

Postpartum doulas come into your home, quietly blending in with our surroundings. We come armed with knowledge and a pair of ready, able and willing hands to be there to support your family through the ups and downs of parenthood!

What can we do? Well there's A LOT we can do!  Here's some examples:

  • Teach you all kinds of tricks to understand your new baby-Let's face it babies are confusing little creatures, we're pretty much a walking talking app on baby info 
  • Rock, sing, swing, do jumping jacks, whatever it takes to entertain or put your baby to sleep while you take some moments to have a shower or a nap-Bliss! We know how awesome a shower and nap sound right now!
  • Errands-Who really wants to go to the store with a fussy baby because you are out of milk or diapers? We'll make it simple!
  • Light Housekeeping-got a toddler too? Toys everywhere? We'll pick 'em up! We'll even sweep up those  cheerios of indeterminate age that have been eyeing you from under that counter in the kitchen
  • Meal Prep/Planning-Don't know what to cook? We'll help you figure it out! We'll even cook for you if we're there during meal time!
  • Healthy Snacks-We'll make sure that you are stocked with snacks so that you can look after you!
  • Coffee -Can't promise it will be GOOD coffee but we can make some sort of reasonable variation of the life blood of new parents
  • Sibling Care -We'll color with your toddler while you feed the baby, or hold the baby so you can color with your toddler
  • Overnight care -We'll tuck you in (OK maybe not tuck you in) But we will be awake ALL night tending to the needs of your babe so you can get some rest, we'll wake you for feeds if necessary and take care of the rest
  • Feeding support- Bottles? We've got that! Breastfeeding? We know that too! 


Things we won't do:

  • Deep cleaning- We'd be happy to recommend a house cleaner though!
  • Pooper scooping after your pets- We don't even really want to do our own!
  • Take over and cuddle your baby and boss you around-No seriously! as much as we love babies, we'd rather you cuddle your baby while we do something to help you out, you can boss us around instead!
  • Shovel snow or do Yard work-Again we'd be happy to recommend some fantastic companies dedicated to these things! 


We do overnight care, daytime care, anytime care! We firmly support your parenting decisions, and aim to help you however we can! And Bonus! We provide a non judgmental listening ear so you can talk to us about ANYTHING! Unconditional Support #postpartumdoulasdothat 

Sounds like a dream come true? Contact us today! 

Earthsong Doula Services serves Lethbridge, Cardston, Pincher Creek, Taber and the surrounding rural areas.