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Let's talk about...Me

This is a hard post, I'm not really good at the whole "talk about yourself" thing. I'm kind of an introvert and a private person. I am sure you could all go read the "about me" section on my webpage ( So instead here are 10 random facts about me.

1. I was born in Calgary Alberta, and mostly grew up in the Vulcan Alberta area.

2. I grew up on an acreage where I witnessed birth many many times over from the age of 5 onward. (of farm animals: sheep, cats, dogs etc)

3. I attended my first cesarean section when I was a teenager. One of our Labradors ruptured her uterus while in labour resulting in an emergency cesarean. I was there to help warm puppies.

4. I wanted to be an Archaeologist when I grew up.

5. I am kind of a closet "Hippie" I call it Hippie Light as I can blend well into mainstream society.

6. I am obsessed with babywearing, I've worn my babies for nearly 8 years. It has saved my sanity on many many occasions.

7. I had major struggles breastfeeding with my oldest and nearly gave up. I was blessed with the support of an amazing lactation consultant and I was able to breastfeed until he was almost 1. We still used formula to supplement as well.

8. Due to my struggles with birth, breastfeeding and parenting my oldest, I got more immersed in the crunchy world while I was pregnant with my daughter and discovered an amazing support community, which lead me down the path to become a Doula.

9. I chose to become a Doula because I wanted to be able to share love and support much like what I received with my own support network. I continue to be a Doula because I absolutely love my job. Even when it is hard, I still wake up the next day and I'm ready to do it over again. I love that my job is constantly changing, I learn something new at every birth I attend.

10. My oldest son was diagnosed with Autism at 4 and a half. At that point I almost considered giving up my dream job of being a Doula, but then I watched all of his support people, learned about their passions and in some ways their own struggles. I realized that to truly help him I had to show him that he can achieve anything he dreams up. So I stuck with it.

Meet my Family. They are all a little crazy but they are awesome and support me. Without them I wouldn't be the Doula I am today.


Earthsong Doula Services serves Lethbridge, Cardston, Pincher Creek, Taber and the surrounding rural areas.