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What Is a Doula? 


A Doula is a non medical support person with the skills to provide emotional, physical and information support to expectant families. Doulas do not catch babies, perform clinical tasks, or prescribe medications.


    I have a really great partner, is a Doula going to replace them?


     In the words of Pam England "Asking your husband to be your sole guide through labor is like asking him to lead the way on a climb of Mt. Everest. He may be smart and trustworthy, you may love him, but in the Himalayas you'd both be better off with a Sherpa!" 

    A doula will never replace your support partner. Doulas work with your partner to form your birth team. Your partner knows you, your doula knows birth.


      I heard doulas only support natural births, what if I want an Epidural? 


      Doulas support your right to birth the way YOU choose. Your doula will provide you with evidence based information so you can make your own choices regarding your birth. Doulas can still offer physical, emotional and information support in medicalized situations.


        Can I birth at home with a Doula?


        You sure can! Earthsong Doula Services Doulas will attend homebirths that are attended by a registered midwife. For more information on the midwifery team serving our area please visit the Birthpartnership Midwives page.


          What if I am planning a cesarean birth or need a cesarean birth?


          Doulas can support you through a planned cesarean birth. They can discuss your wishes, help prepare you for the process, offer emotional comfort on the day of surgery and support afterwards. In the event of an unplanned cesarean, your Doula will remain with you where possible and support both your and your partner through the experience.

          Earthsong Doula Services serves Lethbridge, Cardston, Pincher Creek, Taber and the surrounding rural areas.